Eco-Friendly Vacations The Trend for 2016

Nowadays more and more people are looking to environmentally friendly ways to travel, and many of the most popular destinations around the world draw crowds because of their natural beauty. Mexico, long a popular destination spot due to its beautiful beaches, has begun attracting a different type of visitor, one who wants to explore the natural environment and local cultures of the area first-hand. Copper Canyon In Northern Mexico lies the state of Chihuahua, home to the Sierra Madre Occidental mountains. These striking natural formations make up the Copper Canyon, which is actually larger than the Grand Canyon itself. The name of the region stems from the fact that the mountains are copper colorwith the reflection of the sun at sunset. Formed by years of river activity that flows to the Pacific Coast, this region offers stunning sights, from the top and bottom of the canyons. Unfortunately, years of deforestation has impacted the flora and fauna of the region, as it is now home to a number of different endangered species. Not to mention, mining in the area for both silver and gold significantly impacted both the aquatic environment and local wildlife. Copper Canyon day tours or multi day tours are one of the most popular ways to see a different side of Mexico, without further impacting this beautiful region. Rather than take in man-made resorts, these types of tours allow travelers to see the untouched splendor of Mexico, complete with a guide from the local Tarahumara tribe. These immersive experiences are perfect for those who like to learn about the places they go to, not to mention, perfect for those who like a little dose of adventure. During these tours, tourists can see a culture totally different from theirs. Not to mention, the views from the canyon can’t be missed. The Tarahumara Tribe Deep in the heart of Northern Mexico lives the Tarahumara – or raramuri as they call themselves – a spiritual people who live in harmony with their environment. On Copper Canyon day tours, travelers have the chance to experience their way of life first-hand, without doing any undue harm to their land or community. A member of the tribe leads visitors through the community and talks them through the cosmology that guides the Tarahumara people. It’s estimated that there are up to 70,000 members of the tribe, which migrates with the weather. During the summer, the mountainous regions keep them cool, while during the winter, the deep canyons keep climate comfortable. The Taramahura are committed to retaining their way of life, and seek out areas that aren’t populated. They independently provide food and resources, and are known for their ability to run great distances – both up and down mountains. For this reason, one of the only ways to see and experience the Taramahura way of life is through a guided tour with a nativewith studies in Anthroplogy. Resistant to too much exposure, the Taramahura are happy to welcome visitors who come with one of their own. Don’t expect to get the same experience with large travel companies that are just infringing on their cultural and physical space.

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