Fes’ alluring history and numerous activities.

1 – Fes’ and spirituality.

The is a religious building that opens its doors to non-Muslims. Before it became an open-air museum of Moroccan-Islamic architecture, the Bou Inania Medersa was a Quranic school.

It would not cost you any fees if you’d like to enter the Medersa. Just make sure that you’re there before, or after, the crowds clear up. The afternoon remains as the best time to visit the Medersa.

2 – Fes’ most cultural gathering.

Fes’ Medina resembles the ones in Marrakech, Meknes, and Essaouira. Although different in offerings and displays, all Medinas are symbols of the culture within that city. If you want to authentically experience a Moroccan city – visit its Medina.

The Medina in Fes has Riads and hotels within, and if you happen to be travelling alone and not on Marrakech to Fes Desert Tour, it’s best to stay within the Medina, as some gates close after 7:00 pm, making it harder for you to find your way back to your hotel.

3 – Gaze at the largest mosque in all of Africa.

The Karaouine Mosque remains as the largest in Africa. Within it, is the world’s oldest university. The history behind this place is captivating. How it came to be, what made it what it is now, and what’s its future is all engraved and carefully stored within it.

Going on Marrakech desert trips will be advantageous, as you’ll be travelling with a guide, and you’ll fully understand and experience Morocco’s ancient culture.

4 – The immense gate of Bou Jeloud.

The name ‘Bou Jeloud’ precedes the gate. It dates back to the 12th-century and served as the main gate to one of Fes’ souks; which crosses to the Medina, leading to the Al-Karaouine mosque.

Although these gates serve solely a decorative role, they were intended, and served, for defence purposes. The gate also limits car-traffic into the medina and separates the two sides.

Learning the haunting history of Morocco is definitely an experience of a lifetime. 3 days Marrakech desert tour goes through these monuments until eventually leading to a hearty restaurant, where you can taste the delicious effect of sweet and salty.

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