How transparency through blockchain could help immigration affairs?

Rapid changes in human civilization have reached unprecedented heights, in this fast-paced world of modern technology. Every activity related to human life is now interlocked with innovation and technological advances, whether it is biological, social, or economic functioning. Digitizing assets and personal information and putting it on the internet always keep the risk of jeopardizing security and transparency. This is the reason that still there is a need for physical documentation for immigration affairs. We are using digital wallets to carry money, online insurances, and e-ticketing to get rid of the bulk of documents. But, visa and passport are two essential documents without which we cannot even imagine, to travel internationally.

Tolga Akcay has the vision to change the traditional way of immigration workings, and he wants to introduce the facility of online visa and passport to exempt the needs of physical documentation during traveling abroad. That is why he has introduced the concept of Exvisa to change hardcopy passport and visa into a digital visa and passport.

The main concept behind this technology is the involvement of intelligent cryptic data storage to keep your sensitive information highly safe and secure. Exvisa is revolutionizing the processes of emigration, immigration, and dislocation without any possibility of an illegal invasion. This blockchain visa and passport technology use not only the state of the art security system to ensure the safety and security of data, but also provides an ease for the responsible authorities and states who need to review it. Tolga Akcay, the CEO of has an innovative vision to kryptonite the important information into the transparent blockchain to prevent the hacking of your sensitive information.

Blockchain technology is widely being used in a range of industries and it is growing widely day by day. Many government departments are turning to blockchain for everyday business operations because of its faster transaction processing time and the elimination of middle man. The opportunities that blockchain technology is creating in the cybersecurity sector have not been envisioned before. Tolga Akcay is also focusing on this main benefit of blockchain technology to store significant information mentioned on passport and visa and convert their physical appearance into electronic visas and passports.

Exvisa is a technology that will help countries and companies to make a targeted selection of people and candidates according to their region and needs. In case of a regional shortage, may acquire the help of international support. To keep your information safe and secure Exvisa cryptonizes the data before adding it into any blockchain and this procedure makes your information secured from hackers. Blockchain technology is the fastest and secure platform on the internet today and Mr.Tolga has chosen this amazing technology to ensure foolproof security of your online visa and passport information.

As cryptocurrency and blockchain are relatively new to the market, is also a new platform that needs to be established, but no one can deny or refuse the expected benefits of Exvisa in collaboration with ingenious blockchain technology.

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