What to visit if you go on holiday on Lake Como

Lake Como is a mix of places to see that you should definitely visit if we decide to go on vacation. For those who decide to spend a few days in these parts there are many places not to be missed that will make you fall in love with this lake and its surroundings.


A stop that must not be missed on the lake is Bellano with its Orrido which you can get a nice trip on one of the boats that navigate the lake that will certainly please the little ones. The rift between the rock in which the tumultuous Pioverna stream flows has been known since the seventeenth century not only because the power of the water was used for the local industry but also for its spectacularity, portrayed in prints and views of the time. Although the water from the stream is no longer used for industry, the beauty of the Orrido remains. It would be great to be able to visit this area when the stream is full, or when the water flows between splashes and bursts in the cracks in the rock.

The walkways allow you to climb to the top where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the lake while at the bottom there are some tables and small games for children. We open and close a parenthesis here. It must be said that if we want to go on vacation on Lake Como we should choose a perfect place to stay. This place is found among the villas to rent in the Lettings Lake Como complex which has so much to offer from every point of view. The structure offers a service that satisfies the customer. all the functions and various options available allow the tourist not to miss the comfort of his own home. For this reason, Lettings Lake Como is becoming increasingly popular. Nobody who stopped on site was disappointed: if we want to go on vacation in Como, we also found the right place to stay.


The third necessary stop for those who go to Como is given by the Comacina Island in Ossuccio and by the Sacro Monte which is located on a spur of rock right in front. The island, neglected until some time ago, is now reconsidered as one of the most important archaeological sites in the area. It is easy to reach: just follow a stretch by boat and after arriving we will find ourselves directly in front of the Church of San Giovanni with its Romanesque ruins but also the remains of the other churches once present on the island, nine according to legend. Continuing along our path, we find the Sanctuary of the Beata Vergine del Soccorso which stands on a rocky spur overlooking the lake.

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