10 Tips to save money when traveling through Mexico

Mexico is one of the countries with the greatest cultural diversity, one of the best gastronomies in the world, friendly and charming people, as well as hundreds of magical places that will undoubtedly make you fall in love once you travel to it.

If you decide to travel through Mexico it is good that you take into account certain tips that will help you save money. So that, regardless of your budget, you can enjoy all the charm of this incredible country and that’s why in this post, I Love to show, 10 tips to save money when traveling through Mexico.

Get a student card and load it all the time

Something that will help you save a lot of money during your trip to Mexico is to have a student card, either the ISIC card or a card of any study center, since this will allow you to access a large number of discounts on bus tickets Mexico (up to 50%), museums (up to 100%), as well as tourist and archaeological sites (up to 70%).

Move from one city to another in “Combis”

In Mexico you can go from almost any city to another in the Combis, which are cheaper than normal buses. Although many times you will have to change trains to reach your destination. For example, to go from Tulum to Bacalar the price of buses is on average about 220 MXN, while if you go in Combi you get about 150 MXN.

If you are traveling by bus, book your ticket in advance

The prices that have a label with the symbol “%” are those that have the discount for advance purchase, as you see is quite good

One of the tricks to save money when transporting in Mexico is to book your bus tickets in advance, preferably online and if you can’t get to your destination, reserve the next one since several companies like ADO offer a discount for early purchase on which can be 40% or more. This discount applies mainly in high season (July – September)

Eat in the markets, street stalls and small family premises

If you want to try the typical gastronomy of this country, which is impossible to avoid since it is one of the best in the world, one of the best options is to do it in the market places and street stalls, since they are completely authentic and cheaper than in restaurants.

Avoid the tours, you can go anywhere on your own

The transport and tourism infrastructure in Mexico is very good, which allows you to go anywhere you want on your own, avoiding expensive organized tours. For example, if you want to go to the Xenotes on the Mayan Riviera, you can take combis that take you to the main entrances of them for about 15-40 MXN depending on where you are going, while a tour charges you almost double.

Take care of your stomach, you will not want to spend money on medicines

The famous “chapulines”, for those who like the exotic are delicious, but if you are not accustomed they can make you have a bad time

Mexican food, despite being delicious, can be quite spicy for stomachs that are not accustomed to it and if you try street food, you should be careful since the risk of intoxicating you is high, so you better get used to Little, always specify the amount and type of chili you want or if you do not want to make it clear and have travel insurance

Avoid crossing land borders during your trip

This advice arises since during my trip to Mexico I also passed through Belize and then to re-enter Mexico I had to do it through Guatemala, where both upon leaving and upon entering Mexico they charged me a tax of 500 MXN (approx. 26 USD) since as of 2017 this tourist rate is applied to foreigners, which if you enter by air, is included in your ticket taxes. So better try to avoid entering and leaving by land during your trip.

On Sunday, dedicate it to museums, as some are free

There are a lot of museums in Mexico that are free on Sundays, including the Museum of Fine Arts in Mexico City, so if within your plans you are visiting any of them, better leave it for Sunday, so go early as the lines to enter are quite long.

Avoid taxis, public transport such as buses (trucks) or subway (in the DF) is much cheaper

Taxis in Mexico tend to be quite expensive, especially since they do not have a taximeter and can basically charge you what they want. So I recommend you take the “trucks” that take you virtually anywhere, even if you need to go from Airport to the city in Mexico City or vice versa, you can take the subway, which will charge you only 5 MXN.

If you are going to change dollars or euros always look for Banco Azteca

The best foreign exchange rate is always found at Banco Azteca, which is mostly located within the facilities of Electra stores. During my trip it takes some Euros to change and for example, for the date (July – August 2017), the exchange rate in the houses was between 18 and 20 MXN while in the Aztec Bank I always found more than 22 MXN.

I hope these tips help you save money on your Mexico trip, so that regardless of your budget you can enjoy this beautiful country.

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