Sightseeing places to visit in Luxor Egypt one day trip from hurghada el gouna red sea

Flying Balloon Flight in Luxor city will not forget it and Luxor trip from hurghada  with us.

The balloon ride in Luxor, one of the most sought-after tourist trips, where the tourist rises through the balloon to reach the highest point in Luxor, and the tourist in a panoramic view wonderful all the landmarks of Luxor.

About Flying Balloon Flight in Luxor

For those who visit Egypt, you must ride the Luxor balloon on the Valley of the Kings, so that you can see it from the sky, and you can see the various pharaonic monuments in the area. Luxor is the best place to enjoy a hot air balloon ride on a one-hour flight Just.

Details Flying Balloon Flight

The flight begins with a 45-minute ride in the hot air balloon in Luxor. The flight includes flight certification, all service charges and taxes, but no extra charges, tipping and any optional tour are included.

The flying balloon begins in Luxor from the hotel, ending with the return to it, often in the early morning from 3:30 until 6:30.

Transportation is by air bus, with the possibility of adding a snack bag, with a boat to the West Bank, where the journey begins.

The flight lasts for approximately 2 hours, including delivery and delivery from the Luxor hotels. The balloon takes off at 4:30 am and the journey takes 45 minutes. The departure time may vary depending on the time of the sun rise.

Note: If the weather is not allowed to fly, the flight may be postponed until the following morning; so, we suggest that you book your trip to the first available morning.

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What do you feel with the rise in the sky?

As the hot air increases in the hot air balloon, the balloon starts to rise above the ground level. Only two people will be with you during the flight, while the fourth on the surface of the balloon will be the commander who controls it and will continue with you throughout the flight and control it until it lands safely.

Activities that can be performed on the surface of the balloon

During your stay on the balloon, you can get plenty of opportunities to take photos, feel comfortable and enjoy the fresh air in the top of Luxor.

There are no changing places while the balloon is in the air, so be sure to choose your place wisely. This place should have a good chance to see all Luxor landmarks on one side and take appropriate pictures on the other.

Price Flying Balloon Flight

$ 90 per adult, same price for children aged four years.

The date of flying balloon flight

The journey can be done every day from 3 am to 6 am, even before the sun rises in the sky and the temperature rises.

Best tourist places in Egypt:

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  5. Things to do in Hurghada
  6. Talaat Harb Street Cairo
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  10. October War Panorama Museum
  11. Hurghada Weather
  12. Русский центр восхода солнца
  13. Prince Taz Palace Cairo
  14. Bab Zuweila

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