Top Services that Help Make Your Stay in Luxury Houses a Getaway to Remember

Some people who are new to renting luxury homes think that services are limited compared to hotels where everything is provided and available onsite. On the contrary, services are similar to those of hotels, probably with even more. Property owners aim to provide home comforts with a touch of luxury to make the guests’ stay not just worthwhile, but special. Here are some of them.


From transport to dinner reservations and everything between, a concierge service makes you feel pampered and taken care of. You think of a hotel concierge where the staff is dressed sharply to answer all your questions and make things easier during your stay. In a luxury vacation property, concierge services are also available to improve the quality of your experience. Services range from something inexpensive to rather extravagant, which may include airport pickup, grocery shopping, equipment rentals e.g. baby toys, sports gear, tour arrangements, dinner reservations and more. Concierge services definitely provide you with the best of both worlds: staying in luxurious, relaxing accommodation with red carpet treatment.

Additional housekeeping

Housekeeping is every property owner’s lifeline. The house must look, smell and feel clean when you arrive. Most properties have in-house housekeeping, while others offer additional housekeeping with additional fees, of course. This happens when you want a deeper clean to prepare the home for a celebration and make it perfect before or after the occasion.

Business services

Some property owners attract business guests by adding services similar to hotel business centres. This allows busy entrepreneurs or corporate guests to keep up with the demands of their work. Business services can vary widely, from a simple wireless internet connection and providing workspace to having virtual assistants and printing services. Some homes have home offices that owners tidy up for business travellers.


Renting luxury homes offers flexibility when it comes to dining choices. It is a huge benefit that fits those who want to be more indulging and those who want to be a bit thriftier. They can dine in a 5-star restaurant one night, or remain quiet in their accommodation cooking food or eating something from a nearby shop. They can also be extra lavish by booking a chef to cook their food for a special dinner celebration. The latter is a popular option for guests who want to entertain friends or business associates in the comfort of their property.


Laundry can be such a major chore for some, while others do not mind doing it at all. With vacation homes, you can do your own laundry with the laundry facilities or ask for laundry service so you will not have to worry about it. The choice is yours.

Whatever the occasion, or even if there is none, there is always a good reason to experience luxury and home comforts by booking large houses for rent. Property owners know how to delight guests not just by providing standout features, but also services to pamper them.

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