Your Holiday Deserves the Best with Your Premium Jet Card!  

Travel delays are common at the holidays. Why not give the gift of premium jet cards that will ease your loved one’s travel burdens this season? Private jet charters from New York are just a swipe away using a handy jet card. It’s definitely a travel saver when you get one for a friend because they don’t have to worry about last-minute flights and they can absolutely go anywhere in the world without stressing themselves out with booking fees and long lines at check-in counters. They just pack, swipe and board the private.


Here’s how a jet card can transform the holiday rush into holiday cheer:

1.      Quick Response Upon Booking

Don’t you just hate it when you’re talking to automated phone menus? This will not be a problem for jet card owners because once they place the call, they’ll reach a real customer service representative ready to assist and dispatch a recommended aircraft on their behalf. The flight advisor team is also available 24/7 to attend to your questions and travel needs whatever timezone you are in.

2.      Easy Cash-in For Jet Cards

Need to load your jet card with credits? You can pay via credit card or bank transfer so credits for flying can be transferred to your account. It’s that easy.

3.      Withdrawable Within a Year

Let’s say your friend didn’t use up all the credits on the jet card you bought for the year. You can always withdraw the remaining amount before the year ends. It’s both handy and cost-effective.

4.      Swipe and Ride

Riding a private jet from New York is as easy as one, two, three because the flight team will just swipe your card and you’re good to fly with a group to your desired destination. It’s an effective cashless transaction, so you won’t have to stress yourself with travel fees associated with your private jet charter.

Give the gift of private jet travel this holiday season with a premium jet card that can take them anywhere in the world at any time!

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