Things to do at Rara Lake

The biggest lake in Nepal is located in Rara National Park on 3000 meters high. Rara Lake is a heaven on earth placed in the remotest Himalayan womb. This magical place offers you solitude, real adventure, and a stunningly unique experience. This oval-shaped lake with blue waters is so much clear that you can see its 168 meters deep bottom. Lush green pristine forest and snowcapped peaks are the guardians of its divine beauty.

This lake has the quite peaceful energy and you can spend hours and hours being still and meditating to absorb its positivity and peace inside you. But if this is not enough for you then here are some perfect time-killing activities for you:

  • There is a fantastic trail around Rara Lake and you can enjoy a relaxing horse ride here. Your guide can arrange to ride a horse and saddles for you.
  • It is truly a fun-loving activity to ride a boat in the lake. Only paddleboats are available here and a morning ride in the lake is simply like gliding along with a mirror.
  • To add one more hiking adventure in your trekking credentials you can hike to a lovely Murma top. It is a perfect viewpoint to see the stunning beauty of the whole lake, surrounding masterpieces of nature, and mountain peaks at distance.
  • You can also visit the villages a little far around the lake and it is truly a worthy experience to interact with local experience. They are so friendly, simple, and loving people and you save your memorable moments with them in your camera forever. offers you a wonderful package to visit Rara Lake at affordable prices and no hidden charges. We provide you a rare experience to explore the isolated Yari valley with mesmerizing views of Nepal’s largest lake. Our friendly and experienced guides and porters perfectly know how to provide you with quality services with unforgettable and everlasting memories of Rara Lake.

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