What Are The Top Volunteer In Africa Programs?

Many daydream about finally making the decision to go abroad and volunteer in Africa. In fact, for many, this is a lifelong desire. Africa is considered an ideal volunteering destination for those who consider themselves adventurers. Whether you want to go on a safari in Kenya, be a witness to the Great Wildebeest Migration, zipping around major cities like Nairobi or Cape Town, visiting the beaches or seeing gorillas in their natural habitat, the traditions and cultures of Africa make it the perfect destination to explore and learn more about this part of the world.

There are many volunteer opportunities in the African continent, and you can take all of the time you need to discover the unique and interesting facts about the different countries.

Primate Conservation In South Africa

Do you want to hand raise baby baboons who are orphans? Do you want to help them bond with their baboon surrogate mothers, prepare their bottles and feed them and clean the enclosures? If you answered ‘yes’ to any or all of these questions, being a volunteer caretaker for baby baboons may be the ideal volunteer project for you in Africa.

Most of these projects are located in beautiful private nature reserves that border national parks. Depending on the program, you will be caring for some of the many iconic animals in Africa including the chacma baboons in South Africa.

It will not be uncommon for you to wake up and see an elephant peacefully grazing beside an Acacia tree. Then, you may hear the jackals’ calls, and maybe even the slow and low growl of a nearby lion.

With these types of projects, not only will help with orphan-surrogate bonding, but you will also assist with rehabilitation of some of baboons who have spent decades in lab cages. You will even have the opportunity to watch these primates grow up, become confident and reenter the wild as social animals.

Wildlife Conservation In Nambia

With this volunteer in Africa project, you will be directing your efforts towards helping animals with long-term rehabilitation. You can experience volunteering hands-on with big cats, cheetahs, baboons and so much more.

Located in the middle of the African savannah, the wildlife conservation center in Nambia is a sanctuary and refuge for some of the most injured and orphaned wildlife in Nambia.

Many of the animals at the sanctuary have been moved from local farms and other areas because they were considered ‘problem animals’. Because they were considered a threat to livestock, farmers started to target them.

Even though the sanctuary does the necessary work to protect the wildlife, it is the volunteers that allows the sanctuary to keep its doors open. The goal of this type of project is to release these animals into conservation areas that are safe for them.

Wildlife Conservation In South Africa

Make your contribution towards conservation and wildlife monitoring while also learning about anti-poaching, park management and nature. The additional perk is that you can do this while living the experience of a lifetime.

The goal of these types of research volunteer projects is to offer ecologists and park wardens with detailed data regarding the wildlife that resides with the Marataba area. The information allows them to evaluate the how ecosystems are impacted when animals are re-introduced into an area, and how to keep ecosystems sustainable, balanced and stable.

With this volunteer in Africa conservation project, you will live a genuine African experience while being guided by expert rangers and field guides. All of these professionals are very passionate about conservation, and they are committed to making a different when it comes to animals and nature.

Volunteers help with one of the two monitoring drives that occur daily. These drives are necessary so animal populations in the section can be monitored. Additional tasks such as road repair, bush clearing or game capture may be necessary.

Medical Training In Ghana

Volunteer health projects provide participants with a wonderful opportunity to become more familiar with the issues and challenges of health care that affects developing countries.

Healthcare placements provide an exceptional opportunity for learning. In addition, volunteers will leave with a satisfying volunteer experience. The placements provide an international ground for learning where you will not only see healthcare practices up close and personal, but you will also see the effects volunteering has on local villages and communities. Medical care is one of the basic rights for humans, and it is essential that it can be accessed be everyone.

The clinics and hospitals that you will be volunteering in work diligently to fulfill these needs, and they can also benefit if they have an extra pair of hands helping them out.

Because these work environments can be different than what you are accustomed to, it is important that you are able to deal with potential poor health care choices that are offered. You will also need to be open-minded.

Healthcare volunteer placements are open to anyone who truly wants to make a difference in the lives of those who are underprivileged in Africa.

Orphanages In Ghana

This volunteer project involves taking care of children who are in orphanages. You will assist them with their daily activities, and you will be caring for children between the ages of one month old all the way to 18 years of age.

These orphanages are understaffed and over-crowded in many countries, including Ghana. Just your presence in one of these orphanages can make all of the difference in their lives.

The goal of this project is to provide needy orphans and children the chance to learn and live together until they placed for adoption, or they are integrated into society.

Some children in Ghana become orphans due to abuse, poverty and neglect. They leave home and are forced into illegal activities, or they stay on the streets.

However, through the dedication and commitment of volunteers, many are receiving the basic education they need so they can become productive members of their communities.

Becoming a volunteer in Africa is a lifetime dream for many. If you want to make a difference in the lives of children, adults and even endangered wildlife, there are many volunteer projects available that will ignite your passion.

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