Must-sees &must-dos in Tauranga

Living in Tauranga, New Zealand is simply a dream come true. Tauranga is the fifth largest city in New Zealand. It is located right on the water’s edge and famous for its comfortable life-style, blue skies, sparkling harbor, and cozy climate.

Tauranga has many sensations that you simply can’t miss. Never forget to capture the memorable moments of your trip to Tauranga and discover more with EXPLORE TAURANGA.

Explore Tauranga:

Your wish bucket needs to expend a little more to count the sensations, must-sees, and must-dos of Tauranga:

  • Hit the beach:

The coastline of Tauranga is highly blessed with nature’s ultimate miracles. From sunbathers to swimmers, and keen surfers there is a never-ending sensation and charisma at white sand beaches and sparkling waters of Papamoa, Waihi, and Mt Maunganui.

  • Tour to White Island:

You surely love to enjoy a visit to possibly the world’s most active marine volcano, ‘’WHITE ISLAND’’. White Island boat tour or helicopter tour is a must-do of every visitor’s list.

  • Leisure Island:

Leisure Island is a lovely nature walk that offers you endless beautiful and mesmerizing views with plenty of rock pools.

  • Street art of Mt. Maunganui:

You can explore the incredible street art masterpieces of Flox, Askew One, and Andrew Steel.

  • Hike up Mauao:

Mauao means ‘’caught by dawn’’ is the extinct volcano. Hiking here is a dream for hiking lovers and you can also walk around the base.

  • Hot saltwater pools:

You can relax and enjoy a pleasant water bath in hot salt pools. You can soak away your day here with no regret ever.

Explore Tauranga:

You can get complete information about Tauranga in the very right manner. This site informs you of all the activities and attractions of the wonderful city of Tauranga. This site is nothing but just the beginning of our journey towards the recognition of Tauranga as a wonderful holiday destination for tourists and locals.


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