How to Have a Luxurious Holiday in Majorca

Majorca living brings you a combination of golden beaches, luxurious spas, elevated cuisine, and a lively capital with a cosmopolitan feel. Spend your days taking in the breathtaking beaches and the embracing bays. The historic architecture of the local towns welcome you with ancient details as far as the eye can see. Stop at a fantastic restaurant for lunch and a splendid glass of wine. The island’s capital of Palma offers some of the best shopping in Spain. Pollensa and Puerto Pollensa, are at the northern part of the island and are home to spectacular beauty. Offering a blend of old and new is the trendy up and coming city of Alcudia. If it’s a swathe of stretching mountain views then Deia is one of the most beautiful towns in Spain. The largest of Spain’s Balearic Islands has something for every upper level holiday seeker.

Your Dinner Is Ready

The cuisine is traditionally Spanish but there is every option for international food as wel. l However, it’s the local dishes that have the real flavour of Spain. Here you will find filling traditional stews, sobrasada or chorizo (two delicious spicy sausages), and some of the freshest seafood in Europe! Salted cod, squid and oysters, all caught in the waters in front of you are served on your plate the same day. The haute cuisine here is also top tier with restaurants like Sadrassana Cocteleria, Fera Palma Restaurant, and the famous Vagabundos Palma. You will be sure to have your high standards met.

Your Private Palace

When on holiday in Majorca, it’s important to pamper yourself in a Majorca villa. One of the top luxury spots to stay on the island has everything you need for a luxury getaway. Imagine waking up in your own private villa, the splendid views out of the window greet you with the morning sun, inspiring decor and a top of the line kitchen for your private chef to cook you a fantastic breakfast. Then make your way out to the fabulous pool for a dip before starting your day of pampering in the city or by the beach.

When are you coming?

Flight time from the UK to Majorca is around two hours, making for an easy weekend holiday trip.

The best time to go is in early June. Summer starts around April when the temperatures begin to rise. Expect temps in the high twenties until July. The sun shines from the early morning until late evening and warms the sea to a very comfortable temperature. Then comes October as temps will dip into the low twenties but quite pleasant. It’s the perfect weather to be comfortable and still enjoy a hot soup or chocolate on the terrace.

Visas are not required for UK, US or Australian citizens travelling to Spain.

Tipping for a service is not really practiced in Spain as the restaurant workers earn a living wage.

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