America……. A place of my kind to live

America is indeed a hub of opportunities and diversity; it is simply a Pandora box full of unexpected but admirable surprises. Its vividness, glamorous innocence, and ever-changing environs make people simply spellbound. From its phenomenal natural beauty to man-made wonders and from composed and comfortable small towns to its crowded mega-cities there is a world to explore.

We interviewed a famous traveller HAMADA HAMIDEH and traveling is his passion, his love, and his madness. He is from the Middle East but he uses to travel around the world to satisfy his eager soul that always desires to explore this beautiful world. The most fascinating moments of his life are experiencing the sunset of a new place is sitting in a helicopter. This magical juncture simply mesmerizes him and he just gets lost in the breathtaking view of sunsets that seem like he looks through the gates of heaven. You can see his travelling experience here

He travels to America for the sake of his business but every single time when he arrives here it feels him like the beginning of a new journey to explore this amazing piece of land. He has experienced the sunset during a flyover Rainbow Bridge National Monument, it is sunrise and sunset is one of the most spectacular happenings anyone can ever imagine. Another awesome sunset He is just madly in love with and use to experience mostly is along the Pensacola Pass beach and its true soul reviving.

He lives here near Pensacola Beach, Florida. Its sugar-white sand and beautiful beaches just grab their visitors into never-ending love for them. From everglades of Florida to Mount Rushmore, South Dakota and from Appalachian Trail to snowboarding, Colorado there is a very long list of natural beaches, beautiful landscapes, and admirable monuments; America has a treasure to reveal. Here you can visit the instagram profile of Hamada Hamideh

Well, America is not all about viewing nature only but it has plenty of man-made masterpieces that no one wants to miss. Witness the elegance of Statue of Liberty and glory of the Golden Gate Bridge. Never forget to see the Empire state building NY and take a long drive journey on Route, 66 Illinois to California. If you still need a little more then make a trip to see Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn-Michigan and enjoy skyscrapers of Chicago Illinois.

He is an explorer and a traveler but in the mean, while a fun-loving guy who loves to live life being crowded and found of doing parties that is why he always searches for best nightlife cities here. And you know what here in U.S.A you have a variety to choose from swanky hotel lounges to dive bars and contemporary dance clubs. Its vibrant cities offer a splendid nightlife with the number of entertainment options. You can go with one of the options from Las Vegas nightlife, Miami Beach, Los Angeles, or Atlanta.

His life is so happening because he believes to live in today and enjoy every single moment of his life to embrace the joyful moment’s life throw towards him. He never believes in grasping time waiting for a better time to do things but he is sure the only thing he has is present and he loves to live it. He is Hamada Hamideh and this is the story of his life.

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