How to choose a comfortable travel pillow

Traveling is not only a new and vivid experience, an opportunity to see the world or make a good deal. No matter how carriers try to create the most comfortable conditions for passengers – a long road does not pass without a trace, imprinted by pains in the back and neck. How to reduce the inconvenience inherent in long trips or flights?

Pillow to help you relax on the way

A sufficiently large percentage of passengers prefer to sleep during a boring trip – and time will pass, and you will gain strength. However, attempts to get comfortable in a seemingly comfortable armchair usually end in failure – after all, seats cannot replace a bed. So you have to dodge in search of the least inconvenient position.

And the way out of this situation is quite simple – you need to buy a travel pillow, which, thanks to its special form and filler, will help you get enough sleep while not having pain in your back. The orthopedic pillow gently fixes your head in the right position to reduce the load on the cervical vertebrae and make your sleep calm, despite the uneven path.

Modern models can also have built-in headphones – quiet music or an audio book will help you tune in to relaxation and protect yourself from the noise that will accompany you on a long journey. By the way, you can also use earplugs – they will provide you with the silence necessary for a good sleep.

First of all, you should pay attention to the type of pillow filler (it can be either printed or inflatable), a cover and the shape of the product. Modern materials – both artificial and natural – undergo special processing, which guarantees their hypoallergenicity. The dense filler (viscoelastic, polyurethane foam, polyester balls, etc.) provides the right support for the head – so that the blood flow is not disturbed, and the muscles can relax as much as possible. The product cover is usually sewn from a soft, pleasant to the touch fabric (antibacterial properties will not be superfluous). Detailed descriptions of products on the website of the online store will allow you to familiarize yourself in more detail with the advantages of the materials used and choose the model that is best for you.

Types of Travel Pillows

  • the most common form is bagel. This neck pillow resembles a half ring and is located under the head behind;
  • a hammock pillow – on the contrary, it will be in front, at the chin, holding you during sleep really like in a hammock;
  • An advanced bagel cushion that resembles the letter Y is placed on the side and supports the chin;
  • “Collar” allows you to fix your head well during the trip, even if the road is not at all perfect;
  • a long inflatable pillow that is attached with a cable to the back of the seat and supports not only the head, but the entire upper body;
  • headrest – a small copy of a regular rectangular pillow that can be placed both under the neck and lower back;
  • children’s models go separately – usually these are the same “bagels” or “collars” made in the form of funny animals or simply from a fabric of cheerful colors. May have additional seals in front to enhance child safety;
  • There are also transformers that involve twisting or creasing to achieve a convenient option for you.

We advise you to purchase pillows with a removable cover – the road conditions are usually far from ideal, and additional cleaning will never be superfluous. Typically, travel models, unlike classic down pillows , can be easily washed. Smooth inflatable products should be regularly cleaned with wet wipes.

Give Yourself First Class Treatment in Economy

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By choosing the right pillow, you will make the trip more comfortable, you can truly relax during a boring trip or a long flight. This is especially important if, upon arrival at your final destination, accumulated work questions or a rich program of outdoor activities await you.

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