Hong Kong travel tips

If you are traveling to Hong Kong, these travel tips are essential to make your trip comfortable and more relaxed. For first time visitors to Hong Kong, this place can be a little overwhelming, but following these tips will make your trip to this fantastic city merely fantastic.

Let’s discuss the tips one by one:

  1. When you fly into Hong Kong make it clear that it couldn’t be any more comfortable getting to and from the Hong Kong airport. It would help if you availed The Airport Express that connects Hong Kong and Kowloon Islands with the airport in less than 24 minutes. Buy online tickets of the train to avoid long lines
  2. The next tip is to stay in a central hotel. There are more than 800 hotels in Hong Kong, and trying to pick the right one for you is not an easy job. First, choose where you want to stay, in Hong Kong or on the Kowloon side. In Hong Kong, the best option is to stay in any hotel in the ‘’Central’’ area while if you wish to stay in Kowloon, choose choice located near to Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station.
  3. If you really make your life easier in Hong Kong, than you must get an Octopus card. It is a kind of prepaid debit card that works all over Hong Kong. You only have to scan your card over the reader, and payment is made. This Octopus card can be used at MTR stations, Peak tram, Mc Donald’s, 7-Eleven, and Star Ferry.
  4. Hong Kong weather is so unpredictable, and it gets an average of 101 rainy days. Always keep an umbrella with you as a must in Hong Kong.
  5. Always go for a taxi ride during your visit to Hong Kong as it is super cheap. Even Uber is more expensive than a local taxi there.
  6. Frankly telling you that Hong Kong is an expensive city and when it comes to food, you need to look at your pocket strictly. But there are few cheap places to eat, and taking a Hong Kong Foodie Tours is right for you to get the necessary know-how about affordable food points. Always keep tissue paper with you as the food points do not offer you tissue paper, and it’s better to learn little to eat with chopsticks as mostly no fork available.
  7. Although Hong Kong is among the safest places in the world, and the crime rate is meager, but it is advised to use a safe at your hotel to keep your valuables secure.
  8. They must proof of being in Hong Kong is witnessing the skyline in Hong Kong. Ozone bar at Ritz Carlton and Victoria peak are the best places to watch the jaw-dropping and picturesque skyline of Hong Kong.
  9. Locals are not well versed with English, so try to learn some Cantonese phrases online to communicate in addition to those locals.
  10. It is better to check prices in a few shops before buying anything as shopkeepers tend to overcharge tourists.

Hong Kong is not just a place to go, but it is an experience to live and enjoy. It is the best place to visit for couples, families, and tourists so, book your air ticket to fly into Hong Kong now and have a memorable trip.


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