7 Places You Must Visit with Kids in Dubai to experience to create lasting memories  

If you are looking for places in Dubai where you can take your kids to have a good time then we can help you with that for sure. We have prepared a list of places where your kids will surely have a memorable time. This will also give you the chance to build good memories and bond with your kids Are you keen to know more about such places? Great let us get into the details right away.

  1. Banana Boat Ride

Why not take your kids for this fabulous Banana Boat ride that they are going to love to the fullest? After a brief training session, you are ready for the ride, simply head to Jumeirah Beach. Do not worry about safety as you and your child will be given life jackets and you will be accompanied by a trained professional. The ride is very exciting and at the same time, you will have the opportunity to pass by the scenic coastline feasting your eyes on the natural beauty. The ride lasts for 15 minutes.

  1. Dubai Dolphinarium

Enjoy a day out at this park with your kids by watching neat tricks performed by the dolphins. The show is designed to make your kids smile. You can also take a swim with these wonderful creatures. This park also organizes a bird show, where you can see a plethora of birds. The park also has a section called Mirror Maze that gives you the chance to watch movies in 7D.

  1. Flying Cup Dubai

Dubai is full of surprises and it has wonderful attractions that will keep you excited for hours together. Once got the Flying cup Dubai tickets, you will be able to see the entire city below and the view is a killer. You will be 40 meters in the sky, this is a once-in-a-lifetime activity. You will also get served delicious meals cooked by expert chefs in the city. You must remember that your kid has to be at least 4 years or more to be permitted for this activity.

  1. Aquaventure Water Park

The rides in this park will make your kids so happy, Aquaventure Park was designed to give kids a fabulous time. The park has many water slides of varied heights. You can be assured of having a memorable time here with your children. After you are done with the various rides, you can then go and visit any one of the restaurants here and grab a meal.

  1. Dubai Aquarium

Does your child show curiosity towards marine animals?  Then head straight to Dubai Aquarium, this wonderful aquarium is found at Dubai Mall and has over 33,000 fascinating creatures. If you feel adventurous then you could go for some scuba diving too and the activity is perfectly safe you will be accompanied by a trained instructor.

  1. IMG World Of Adventure

Take your kids to this awesome theme park and see their faces light up with joy. We are sure that you are going to have a lot of fun here along with your kids. IMG World of Adventure Dubai has a cheerful vibe and will put you in a good mood instantly. You get to see all your favorite cartoon characters and pose for photos with them. You must go to the Lost Valley zone as you will get to dinosaurs up and close.

  1. Oli Oli

If your child falls in the age group of 2 to 11 years, then this is the ideal place for him or her. This place offers fabulous games and a sprawling play area for the kids to have a good time. While your kids are playing do take pictures of them and surprise them with their photos on their 18th or 21st birthday. The venue has eight different sections and provides hours of fun and mayhem.

Final Thought

Well, this was our list of 7 places in Dubai where you can take kids to have fun and build memories. This will also be an opportunity to bond with your child and participate in their happiness.

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