Agilis Jettenders presents its expected model – Agilis 360D. It is the smallest diesel-powered jet tender in the world. As usual, comfort, exceptional safety and great performance are the main features of this tender. But let`s check it out.


The powerful heart of this luxury jet tender is a 110 hp diesel engine. It offers you more versatility and flexibility. Refilling the dinghy on board of your yacht allows you to use the Agilis 360D for long periods of time without having to carry extra diesel fuel. Thus, you get all the convenience of the diesel engine while maintaining a compact form factor that is suitable even for less spacious yachts.

Agilis 360D jet tender can be fitted with a 900 cc Engine, the most compact and economical, yet powerful engine. Designed specially to deliver reliable and lasting performance, this diesel engine  features a closed-loop cooling system that prevents corrosive salt water from entering the engine.

This diesel jet tender is equipped with a ski pole, providing you with very convenient towing capabilities, making it a pleasure to utilize the tender for watersport activities.


The next benefit of this inflatable boat is its great capability with not big shape. With a length of 3.60m, it is able to transport 6 passengers without perspiration. It is the newest model in the range, but it retains the quality mark and like other Agilis jet tenders sacrifice no performance for its elegant form.  


A professional jet pump lets you enjoy your journey even at high speed. Even more, you can do watersport unobstructed thanks to the the ski pole that increases the towing point of the rope.

Feel the comfort in every detail, versatility and elegance of design and great power on the waves with new Agilis 360D Jet powered boat!

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