Cooking on vacation: the best delight

Italians use to beextremely proud of their connection with their cuisine, which use to be an indispensable part of local lifestyles. If you are a lover of cooking and good food, a vacation with cooking classes in Italy allows you to discover new and familiar flavors, learn traditional recipes and expand your chef abilities, whether you happens to bea professional or an amateur.

How can you make the most of your cooking vacation in Italy? Here are some ideas for a total immersion in the Italian way of life, alternating practical cooking courses with other gastronomic experiences in some of the most beautiful cities of art in Italy.

From the market to the plate

One of the cooking academies in Italy offers a unique experience that includes a guided visit to the Market. Here, applicantsindividuallychoose the fresh and healthy elementsrequired for their cooking lesson. After the morning visit, the participants go to the school where they learn how to prepare typical Italian dishes using those ingredients under the guidance of a chef.

A visit to the Central Market Florence is a must in Florence. This place includes an indoor market, and the outdoor section in the surrounding streets (selling leather, clothing and souvenirs). The place is located on two levels in a beautiful building and built in the late 19th century, when Florence was still the capital of Italy.

Seasonal flavors and medieval cuisine

The international kitchen in Italyhappens to specialize in practical courses that use to have a thematic twist that comprises seasonal recipes and traditional Tuscan and Italian cuisine. For example, you can learn to cook vegetable and meat dishes in spring in Cooking Vacations; fish dishes in summer; truffle and mushroom dishes in autumn; and poultry dishes and sweet cakes in winter. Here you can also learn notions of medieval cooking with some old recipes dating back to the Middle Ages!

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