How to get the most from your international holiday.

After all of the saving and looking forward to going away you want to make sure that you are able to get the most out of your international holiday. Here are some tips on how you might be able to do this that you may not have considered before.

Google Translate App

Now you no longer need to be frightened of trying to use your school boy French and no-one understanding what you are saying. This app will turn your phone into a walking translator. You can type in anything and it will instantly translate your questions into over 100 different languages enabling you not only to ask for directions but to understand the reply.

It also has 33 languages that it will recognise from voice. Which means that you can actually have a conversation by voice with someone in a foreign language if it is in one of these languages. A third feature that I have also found very useful is the image translation feature. You can take a photograph of a sign or menu and the app will recognise writing, the language and then translate it for you. Perfect when you need to order from a menu not in your language.

Luggage Shipping

Now you can pack everything that you would ideally like to take away with you on vacation, and not be worried about huge excess baggage charges. Specialist luggage shipping services, like those from Courierpoint will collect, route and deliver your bags to your hotel before you even leave for the airport. They move the bags with the best international couriers such as DHL and FedEx for complete peace of mind. Avoiding the need to check baggage in or wait for it on arrival, and with their low prices, it is an affordable alternative to using airline baggage.

Read Online Reviews

With the internet now letting us look up and research anything of interest, we no longer need to just read the information a hotel, restaurant or tourist attraction publishes on their website, but we can also read independent reviews on websites such as TripAdvisor. Here you will usually get a clearer impression about the place you are considering visiting, including levels of facilities and service.

I have also found great tips in these reviews that I would not otherwise of known about, such as the room with the best view, which can help to make a great holiday even better. Remember that these sites only have meaning because of the trust we place in the reviews, so please contribute and review any places that you visit.

Do not take foreign currency.

Now you can turn your smart phone into a prepaid debt card in the foreign currency of your choice. Revolut is an app that lets you do this, and as well as increasing your security gives you access to great real rates of exchange in 25 currencies.

I hope that you find that these tips, will improve the quality of your next and future holidays.

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