List of things to do on your gulet cruise in Turkey

When you are in Turkey, the gulet cruise is a must for everyone who wishes to enjoy a peaceful life, away from the busy and stressful routine. The Gulets are the traditional vessels that float on the water’s surface and take the visitors to the beauty of the Turkish waters and the beautiful islands like you have never imagined. We wish you a tour that you would always remember in the right words and an experience that would compel you to visit us again and again. Here are somethings that you should not forget while you have taken one of your luxury gulet charter turkey on the journey.

  • Anchor on the bays in daylight

If you have booked the gulet from a good company, you would be delighted to find out that the gulet’s crew is highly supportive and the captain plans the day the way you like. Once you are done with your breakfast, the captain would anchor the vessel at some beautiful bay so that you can get out of the gulet and enjoy the whole thing. You can swim in the cool water, lay down to absorb some sunlight, or walk around and explore your surroundings. Everything you want to do is up to you.

  • Anchor on the bay at night

The experience of anchoring on the bay at night is something very unique as well. You should do it a couple of times while you are on the gulet. Ask the captain to anchor the boat at night and spend the night outdoors under the starry sky, laying on the deck. But if you like to stay inside, you can get into the cabin as well. Whatever is the way you like, it is your right to enjoy the cruise.

  • Explore the towns on the way

While you are on the gulet, you might come across some towns and cities, either new or ancient, and you can ask the captain to anchor the vessel, and then you can go and enjoy the visit to the city. You can get back when you want and enjoy it as much as you like. This is the beauty of this cruise that you can customize it in your way.

  • Enjoy nature

This should be the sole purpose of your gulet cruise, to enjoy nature as much as you can and to stay close to it to get relaxed. Enjoy swimming, observe the wildlife, get a chance to explore the islands, and have fun with the marine life. Everything would be out of the world for you on this cruise.

  • Taste all variety of food

You would be fascinated by the variety of food that the gulet cruise has to offer. You can have fresh salads, juices, and grilled meat along with the freshly taken fish and other specific Turkish dishes that you would be delighted to have. Just give everything a try to everything and enjoy as much as you can while still onboard on these unique gulets.

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