What to pack for your walking holiday in Ireland

What to pack for a holiday in Ireland is a demanding question since the island can famously experience four weather seasons in a week!

A walking holiday is even more perplexing as you will have limited space to pack those essentials to prepare you for your trip.


Despite this, visitors do not seem to be put off. According to the latest available figures, over 11m overseas visitors arrive annually, boosting the economy by an estimated US$6.5bn.

Here are a few tips on what to pack and what to expect during your holiday.

As we suggested above, the weather in Ireland is unpredictable throughout the year year, but it is worth checking the weather forecast before you begin packing. Rainfall is fairly common, even when the morning sets off looking clear – otherwise, it wouldn’t be called the Emerald Isle and the countryside wouldn’t be so lush!

Consequently, a lightweight waterproof jacket is essential, ideally one that fits into your backpack. Soft, comfortable shorts or lightweight trousers along with t-shirts are ideal for walking during the day. A comfortable pair of trainers for the evening will give your feet a break from hiking boots.


The evening can be chilly, so a warm jumper should be packed. The country is famous for its mens Irish Aran sweater, and you might like to stock up on this item before your trip. Examples are widely available online at sites such as mens Irish Aran sweater. Women’s sizes are also available in this classic Irish fashion item.

When hiking, you will not want to carry your full backpack. Bringing a smaller version for water bottles and other daily essentials such as snacks is a good idea.

We have mentioned the possibility of rain, but the combination of the sun and a stiff wind off the Atlantic mean that you need to have the means to protect your skin. Sun protection and cream to apply in the evening after a day’s hiking are other essentials. A good pair of sunglasses and a sun hat are also advisable.

If you are a novice, make sure you get advice from a good outdoor pursuits shop on appropriate footwear, and make sure you break them in before your trip. A good, thick pair of socks is also a must.

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