Enjoy A Holiday Rental In Naples Florida

Florida is among the most popular vacation areas in the United States, as well as the entire world. You don’t need any guesswork to understand why so many visitors are attracted to the Sunshine State. The nickname of the State is a real giveaway. Florida receives 237 days of sun on average every year. However, sunshine is not the only thing that attracts people to the state. There are also numerous outstanding leisure activities to enjoy. Some of the country’s most impressive golf courses and clubs are located in Florida. It provides some of the most various and freshest seafood in the entire world to visitors and is served at amazing dining venues that overlook the Gulf of Mexico which is bordered by miles and miles of pristine white sand beaches.

However, even with all of these riches that Florida has to offer, there are certain areas in the state that really stand out over the rest. Naples, Florida is one of them. It provides easy access to great shopping opportunities and the everglades – and also the chance to enjoy a pace that is slower than usual compared to other Florida tourist centers.

If you are thinking about going to Naples, Florida for a vacation, there are plenty of holiday rentals that are available, but what kind of accommodation will suit your individual needs the best?

There is a staggering number of choices that are available. There are accommodation options to suit single people, families, couples, and large parties. There are outstanding resort-style hotels, condos, and villas. Take for example the Noble House Resort called LaPlaya Beach and Golf Resort. Visitors are seriously pampered here. They can enjoy some delicious food at BALEEN (don’t miss the lobster bisque cappuccino), the poolside Tiki Bar, and the fabulous oceanfront location. A beach firepit completes the visit. An added attraction is the incredible 18-hole golf course.

Another option is the waterfront, 23-acre Naples Grande Beach Resort offering five restaurants, a spa, an 18-hole golf course, and three pools with a 100-foot waterslide. Rhode’s End is a noteworthy dining destination. It offers impressive views of the Gulf of Mexico and specializes in Mediterranean cuisine.

There is also a huge selection of villas available from the assortment of holiday rentals in Naples Florida. They range from budget-friendly options that are ideal for family vacations to ultra-luxurious choices. In addition, there are condos right on the beach that are perfect for a couple’s getaway. Many of them are within walking distance of some of the best dining destinations in Naples, including Bleu Provence on the pier and Osteria Tulia.  Overall, the condos offer all the modern conveniences. Most of them also have amazing views of the Gulf of Mexico.

There is also an abundance of family houses for rent (many are offered on Airbnb). Most of them have pools as well as other great amenities such as plenty of parking and outstanding kitchens.

For people who would like to become immersed in Florida’s beauty – but also enjoy some laid-back charm, your best option in Florida might be Naples. The sheer number of holiday rentals that are available in Naples Florida makes it a very attractive destination.

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